2018-Bands-in-2013-Indie-Underground-Aaron-McMillan-London-Ontario-Indie-Alternative-Music2013 was one hell of a year for live music!

My 2013 musical journey lead me to some magical places while meeting some incredible people to create memories that will stay with me and hopefully others, forever. I was lucky enough to see so 218 performances (most that we fantastic!) in many venues and festivals spanning from London, Ontario to Montreal, Quebec. Most, if not all of my disposable income and credit went into seeing these bands. Thankfully, the kind people at both, Canadian Music Week and North By North East granted me, (i.e. Indie Underground) a Media Pass so I could help pay forward their incredible indie / alternative music coverage on IndieUnderground.ca, Twitter, Instagram, DJing Indie Underground Wednesdays at Call The Office in London and by word of mouth.

Festivals Attended:

  1. Canadian Music Week (CMW) , Toronto ON – Site Link *
  2. The Grickle Grass Festival (GG), London ON – Site Link
  3. North By North East (NXNE), Toronto ON – Site Link *
  4. Osheaga (OSH), Montreal QC – Site Link
  5. Supercrawl (SC), Hamilton ON – Site Link
  6. Home County Music And Art Festival (HC), London ON – Site Link
  7. A Winter Spectacular (WS), London ON – Site Link
    * Media Pass

Favourite 2013 Venues (in no order):

  • Call The Office, London ON – FB Link
  • The APK, London ON – FB Link
  • The London Regional Children’s Museum, London ON – FB Link
  • Museum London, London ON, – FB Link
  • The Casbah, Hamilton ON – FB Link
  • Wrongbar, Toronto ON – FB Link
  • The Phoenix Concert Theatre, Toronto ON – FB Link
  • The Danforth Music Hall, Toronto ON – FB Link
  • The Silver Dollar Room / Comfort Zone, Toronto ON – FB Link
  • BLK BOX (The Great Hall), Toronto ON – FB Link

Favourite Performances (in no order): Reptile Youth, Wildlife, Savages, A Place to Bury Strangers, Valleys, Rich Aucoin, Crystal Castles, Michael Rault, Blue Hawaii, Dusted, Grounders, Still Life Still, Gold & Youth, Human Human, The Lost Babies, CSS, Phoenix, Imagine Dragons, Hannah Georgas, New Order, Hot Chip, Diamond Rings, Passion Pit, Chvrches, Born Gold, Each Other, catl, Phedre, Cut Copy, The Hives, Fucked Up, Grey Kingdom, Shout Out Out Out Out, Pick A Pipper, The Pack AD.

Most Unique Festival: The Grickle Grass Festival
A Sustainable living festival and fundraiser. Takes place in The London Children’s Museum where you can pretend to be a dinosaur, astronaut, or live in the arctic.

Most Affordable Festival: Supercrawl
It’s a free festival in Hamilton with big name artists like Passion Pit or Yo La Tango.

Biggest Separation Between Album & Live Performance: Blue Hawaii
Montreal’s Blue Hawaii album, “Untogether” seems so incredibly mellow compared to their live performance – it’s an extreme dance party!

Funniest Musician: Grey Kingdom
Not to take away from his angelic like voice, but Spencer Burton’s (Welland) on-stage, off-the-cuff  comedy will have you in stitches

Best Show to get lost in: A Place to Bury Strangers
They fog the hell out of the venue they perform in, you seriously can’t see your hand in-front of your face – Watch out for flying guitars… I’m not joking lol.

Best Band to Hangout with: Cut Copy
​Aussies, Dan & Tim are a couple of nice guys that know how to party and provide a fist full of laughs – on top of their incredible music.

Deserving of More Attention: The Danks
There are many bands that could get this title, but I truly feel that The Danks are a deserving upbeat indie rock band.

Performance you don’t want play after: Rich Aucoin
Rich brings his crowd in close for intimate interaction and ends his set by tossing a multicoloured parachute over everyone – escalating the dance party to amazingly welcomed, sweaty place.

Best Surprise Performance: catl
A shakin’ sultry & dynamic dance-party duo from Toronto.

Best Overall Performance: The Hives
Top Notch: Sound, Performance, Theatrics, Crowd Interaction – These guys know how to put on a show, period.

The List (Jan – Dec):

  1. So Young
  2. Sheezer
  3. SHIT
  4. Moon King
  5. Fucked Up
  6. The Learning
  7. Olenka and the Autumn Lovers
  8. San Cisco
  9. The Vaccines
  10. E.P. Hall
  11. Grey Kingdom
  12. Jenny Berkel
  13. Madeon
  14. Partners In Health
  15. FireXFire
  16. Young Truck
  17. New Zebra Kid
  18. You’ll Never Get To Heaven
  19. Man Made Hill
  20. Tenderness
  21. Two Hours Traffic
  22. The Treasures (CMW)
  23. First Rate People (CMW)
  24. Highs (CMW)
  25. Reptile Youth (CMW)
  26. Wildlife (CMW)
  27. The Danks (CMW)
  28. Mise en Scene (CMW)
  29. Bend Sinister (CMW)
  30. Shawn Hook (CMW)
  31. Let’s Build Machines (CMW)
  32. Lowell (CMW)
  33. Young Rival (CMW)
  34. Savages (CMW)
  35. Funeral Suits (CMW)
  36. A Place To Bury Strangers (CMW)
  37. The BB Guns (CMW)
  38. Lowell (CMW)
  39. The Beards (CMW)
  40. Decades (CMW)
  41. Valleys (CMW)
  42. Meanwood (CMW)
  43. X-Ray Eyeballs (CMW)
  44. Doom Squad (CMW)
  45. Mozart’s Sister (CMW)
  46. Rococode
  47. Dear Rouge
  48. Shout Out Out Out Out
  49. Filthy Georgous
  50. Flight Facilities
  51. Digits
  52. New Zebra Kid
  53. Sean Nickolas Savage
  54. So Young
  55. Doldrums
  56. Ghost Beach
  57. Chad Valley
  58. Illitry
  59. The Danks
  60. Pick a Pipper
  61. Bisons b.c.
  62. Partners In Health
  63. Valleys
  64. Classixx
  65. The Presets
  66. Dragonette
  67. Jeans Boots
  68. So Young
  69. Olenka and the Autumn Lovers
  70. Legato Vipers (GG)
  71. WTCHS (GG)
  72. Akua (GG)
  73. Each Other (GG)
  74. Rich Aucoin (GG)
  75. Partners In Health
  76. Blonde Elvis
  77. Hooded Fang
  78. Hugsnotdrugs
  79. Flying Fortress
  80. Tarantula X
  81. Crystal Castles
  82. Michael Rault (NXNE)
  83. Alvvays (NXNE)
  84. Diana (NXNE)
  85. Braids (NXNE)
  86. Sean Nickolas Savage (NXNE)
  87. Blue Hawaii (NXNE)
  88. Kontravoid (NXNE)
  89. Still Corners (NXNE)
  90. Dusted (NXNE)
  92. Grounders (NXNE)
  93. UN (NXNE)
  94. Julian Lynch w The Luyas (NXNE)
  95. Still Life Still (NXNE)
  96. Gold & Youth (NXNE)
  97. Majical Cloudz (NXNE)
  98. We Are Scientists (NXNE)
  99. Big Black Delta (NXNE)
  100. Human Human (NXNE)
  101. New Hands (NXNE)
  102. Prince Innocence (NXNE)
  103. Michael Rault (NXNE)
  104. Shannon & The Clams (NXNE)
  105. Tangiers (NXNE)
  106. Ryan Hemsworth (NXNE)
  107. 2 Live Drew (NXNE)
  108. The Lost Babies (NXNE)
  109. Barnburner
  110. Bisbee Locals
  111. Sheer Agony
  112. UBT (Uncle Bad Touch)
  113. IO Echo
  114. CSS
  115. catl
  116. The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
  117. The Sadies (HC)
  118. Basia Bulat (HC)
  119. Royal Wood (HC)
  120. Megaman
  121. Richard Gracious
  122. Partners In Health
  123. Fitness Club Fiasco
  124. Electric Playground
  125. Amity Beach
  126. White Mystery
  127. Capital Cities (OSH)
  128. DIIV (OSH)
  129. Wild Belle (OSH)
  130. Alt-J (OSH)
  131. Two Door Cinema Club (OSH)
  132. Ellie Goulding  (OSH)
  133. Vampire Weekend (OSH)
  134. Phoenix (OSH)
  135. The Cure (OSH)
  136. Deep Valley (OSH)
  137. Flogging Molly (OSH)
  138. Soul Clap (OSH)
  139. Tegan and Sara (OSH)
  140. The Breeders (OSH)
  141. Imagine Dragons (OSH)
  142. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis (OSH)
  143. C2C (OSH)
  144. Atlas Genius (OSH)
  145. Frightened Rabbit OSH)
  146. Little Green Cars (OSH)
  147. Shovels & Rope (OSH)
  148. Hannah Georgas (OSG)
  149. Holy Ghost! (OSH)
  150. Gramatik (OSH)
  151. Kendrick Lamar (OSG)
  152. New Order (OSH)
  153. Hot Chip (OSH)
  154. Alex Brooks
  155. Grum
  156. Summer Fling DJs
  157. So Young
  158. S.M.
  159. Justin Townes Earle
  160. The Vaccines
  161. The Walkmen
  162. Hey Rosetta
  163. Mumford & Sons
  164. Yacht Club DJs
  165. Tough Age
  166. Ketamines
  167. Say Domino
  168. So Young
  169. By Divine Right
  170. Young Galaxy (SC)
  171. Winter Sleep (SC)
  172. Doldrums (SC)
  173. The Pack AD (SC)
  174. Cowlick (SC)
  175. Diamond Rings (SC)
  176. Joel Plaskett Emergency (SC)
  177. Yo La Tango (SC)
  178. Passion Pit (SC)
  179. xxyyxx
  180. Chvrches
  181. Common Cycles
  182. Mad Ones
  183. Porcelain
  184. Lexander James
  185. Born Gold
  186. Calvin Love
  187. Each Other
  188. Hollerado
  189. catl
  190. So Young
  191. Born Ruffians
  192. Valerie June
  193. Bear Mountain
  194. The Belle Game
  195. Ken Park
  196. Absolutley Free
  197. Phedre
  198. Partners in Health
  199. The Wilderness of Manitoba
  200. Sebadoh
  201. Captain Bringdown and the Buzzkillers
  202. Kiran J. Callinan
  203. Larry Gus
  204. Cut Copy
  205. Moonface
  206. Thee Attacks
  207. The Hives
  208. The Mystery Motive
  209. Kevin Greene & The Awesome Sauce
  210. Pie In The Sky
  211. Partners in Health
  212. The Sadies
  213. So Young
  214. Born Wrong
  215. Single Mothers
  216. A Person Disguised As People (WS)
  217. Whipping Wind (WS)
  218. Say Domino (WS)

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Aaron is the Founder / Chief Editor and curator of Indie Underground. He was the Festival / Music Director for the 2017 Dundas Street Festival and the Music Director in 2016. He is scene builder / promoter for select events in London Ontario, Toronto, Canada, and Southwestern Ontario. When Aaron's not working on Indie Underground, you'll usually find him at a concert or DIY event. He's a sucker for anything that glows in the dark and the company of his cat, Charlie. Watch for Aaron to make a return to DJing in 2018 when he will begin to mix Trance.