6 Questions with DINNER (Alternative Electro-pop / Chillwave Musician)

Interview by Kelli Williamson for Indie Underground.

Kelli: About two years ago, Dinner was brought to my attention from a unique “Meet Dinner” video that Aaron (of Indie Underground) had sent to me. I had no idea what would happen when I clicked that link, but it turned into a fascination with this mythical creature who calls himself Dinner (born Anders Rhedin, from Copenhagen, Denmark) and who is based in both L.A. and Berlin. His music carries straight through your veins and into your heart with its throwback beats that sit somewhere between Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode.

I was able to have a Q&A with Dinner and discuss his new album “Psychic Lovers” which drops on April 1st via Captured Tracks (Pre-order here). The Special Edition LP is pressed on Transparent Red Vinyl and comes with a Hypnosis CD.



IG: @dinnertheband

Kelli: Dinner, your Instagram photos have the most amazing filters and effects, do you do these yourself or do you have someone who does these for you? They’re always very random artful photos with this cool “future retro” vibe to them!

Dinner: Kelli, thank you for noticing. To be honest, I don’t really get this current millennium. So, Instagram is still a mystery to me. But I do my best. I do all images myself. However, some of the images you see there (mainly the ones with no people in them) are pictures of digital art created by the very talented LA artist Mike Lemmon. I use Mike’s art in almost all my videos too. And often it is superimposed on the images on IG. Mike’s aesthetic is very important to Dinner.


Kelli: You just released the music video for your second single “Cool as Ice” from your upcoming album, what a great track! I was reading some of the YouTube comments under the vid and one in particular stood out to me, it read, “If John Maus and Nico had a baby, it would be this guy’s voice”…Do you agree that encapsulates your vocal sound?

Dinner: Another comment for another video said “he sounds like a deaf autist” – I think that one’s even more accurate. Another comment suggested I sounded like a mentally challenged person with his tongue nailed to a door, or something along that vein. Also very good.


Kelli: This brings me to ask you, how do you feel that people perceive you for the first time? What do you think happens when people hear Dinner for the first time? What kind of reactions do you usually get?

Dinner: Some people laugh others get very moved. And others (only guys for some reason) want to beat me up.


DINNER- Psychic Lovers Album

Released: Apr 1

Kelli: What’s up next for you with your release of “Psychic Lovers”? Are you returning back to Canada to blow some minds? What were some influences when you were writing this album?

There’s one show in Vancouver in early April opening for Prince Rama. The record’s influences: 90s euro dance. I honestly wanted to make a eurodance album, I tried really hard too. It didn’t really work. I played the album for a friend when I was making it. I asked her after each song if it reminded her of something or anything. She’d take a long pause to think every time – and every time she’d answer: “John Cale”.


Kelli: LA, Berlin, or Copenhagen? What’s the best city for a musician? What’s the best city for Dinner personally?

Dinner: I like LA right now.


Kelli: Indie Underground likes to ask all artists if they have a song that they would like to sing at karaoke, what song would you choose?

Dinner: I only have 1 karaoke go-to song and that’s “Barbie Girl” by Aqua. I sing the duet with myself, alternating between full range (“come on Barbie / Let’s go party”) and falsetto (“ooh-yeah / ooh-yeah”). Once at a karaoke bar, I did interrupts a girl singing “Wicked Game” and made it into a spontaneous duet. We ended up going on a date after that. Nothing really happened. She passed out drunk on my bed. When I took off her boots she wasn’t wearing matching socks.

Pre-order Dinner’s “Psychic Lovers” here.
The Special Edition LP is pressed on Transparent Red Vinyl and comes with a Hypnosis CD.

Upcoming Dinner dates:
March 11 — Los Angeles, CA @ Perhspace
March 13 — Los Angeles, CA @ Panache HQ (A Guided Meditation)
March 18 — Austin, TX (SXSW) @ Hotel Vegas
March 20 — Austin, TX (SXSW) @ Beerland
April 2 — Vancouver @ The Cobalt (mentioned in above interview)

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