Kelli Williamson sat down with Taraka Larson from Prince Rama for an interview over a shot of rye after their mind-blowing, awesome and eccentric gig at the Garrison in Toronto. Nimai Larson (and touring guitarist Ryan Sciaino) joined the interview part way through!

Prince Rama (Taraka & Nimai Larson)

Prince Rama (Taraka & Nimai Larson)

From reading the 8 questions below, you’ll learn many important things about the Larson Sisters, including why they made an energy drink, how Nimai got a black eye, the clothing line of extreme sports-inspired-Byzantine armor that they plan to release, why they mention Moscow, Atlantis and Ghana. You can also listen to an audio clip of Taraka and Nimai singing a song they’d pick to sing for karaoke (plus so much more)!

Prince Rama also unveiled their brand new video for “Now Is The Time For Emotion” on the same day of their show and interview. Now is the time to watch the video below.


Kelli: The X-Treme NOW energy drinks… How did those come about?

Prince Rama's X-Treme NOW Energy Drinks

X-Treme NOW Energy Drinks

Taraka: Basically, we were sponsoring Monster Energy Drinks for a couple of years… Monster makes you feel fucking great, I love drinking it, but I was like…You know what, I think we could make an energy drink. I like the idea that energy drinks are this platform for a lifestyle. Red Bull now buys old churches in Spain and turns them into skate parks. I like the idea of making a drink that inspires people to do extreme activities. It can be anything, extreme dance, extreme laundry, etc… I’ve researched a lot about different energy stimulants, plants, herbs etc.


Kelli: So you guys grew up on a Hare Krishna farm, and you spent time in an Estonian black metal colony… Where in the world would you like to live next to be inspired, real or otherwise?

atlantis - lost city - prince ramaTaraka: Moskva! Moscow!

Nimai: Definitely Atlantis… if it doesn’t have to be a real place. Honestly, the first place that came to mind was Ghana, there’s just amazing drumming there. I learned how to drum from someone who had been taught by the best Guyanese drummer. I just want to learn more about drumming and to get in there.


Kelli: Who designed your tour clothing and from what/who did you guys draw inspiration from for these awesome designs?

messqueen---prince-ramaTaraka: It’s a collaborative between us and our friend Courtney who runs Mess Queen, a local Brooklyn design label. We’re coming out with a line of extreme sports-inspired-Byzantine armor.

Nimai: We were trying to think of what will inspire this design, and in my head I was thinking of an extreme motocross babe from the post-apocalyptic future.


Kelli: We’ve noticed that you have another member on tour with you (Ryan). How did he join the band?

Taraka: We tricked him into being in our band. Ryan’s our adopted older brother we’ve never had but always wanted.

Nimai: Ryan recorded and produced our album, with Alex Epton (WIN WIN) and we just dragged him along.

Ryan: It was great to work with these girls. Alex and I saw what they were doing and we really liked it. We heard what they wanted to do, and we loved that there was a concept. It had us stoked in the beginning, and then the friendship blossomed… it’s just so magical.


Kelli: Is Prince Rama the first serious music project for you both? Also Is it ever challenging to work so closely with a sibling?

Nimai: Taraka and I had a music project back in high school that we took very seriously.

Taraka: We thought we were a female Blink 182. They’re the most zen band ever. Every is almost the same, but it’s amazing.

Taraka: It’s extreme to work with your sibling.

Nimai: It’s extreme in every direction. It’s like 98% angel, 2% devil. Sometimes 98% devil, 2% angel…depending on the day. Or time of the day. We live together too.


Kelli: Nimai, what’s the story behind your black eye picture on Instagram? How did that happen in Vancouver?

Prince Rama IG: Nimai's black eye

Prince Rama IG: Nimai’s black eye

Taraka: I had to hold her back, man, you should have seen the other guy. It was bad. It was an audience member. I don’t know what his intentions were.

Nimai: We almost had to stop the set, but then the music was going to temper people out. We went on with the show. It’s not the first time that this has happened. We were DJing in Oslo (Norway, touring with Animal Collective) and there were these two guys yelling “R&B!” “R&B!”. We were playing Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” and then they were yelling “Usher!” They were throwing bits of paper at us, and so I tossed a handful of ice at them. The guy crushed his can of beer and chucked it at Taraka’s head, luckily she ducked, but I could hear it hit the wall. Taraka’s got out from the DJ booth and went to punch him, but someone caught the punch, and this was happening all while Donna Summer’s “I Feel Love” was still playing.


Kelli: We at Indie underground love Dinner, aka Anders Rhedin. What was it like touring with him on the West Coast recently?

Dinner (Anders Rhedin)

Dinner (Anders Rhedin)

Nimai: He proposed to us every single night on stage, and he was like, “How do I choose? I love them both!”. Also, I caught him in yoga pants doing yoga shirtless by the fireplace.

Taraka: Although, we were saddened by his behavior at Finlandia Motel (right photo) . I mean, here we are in the middle of North California and we found a Scandinavian lodge with saunas. We were like, “Anders, we found this place with a sauna! You’re Scandinavian, you love saunas, let’s have the Scandinavian bonding moment!” And he kept saying he was tired. We don’t wear clothes in saunas, so if I were him I wouldn’t have slept.


Kelli: If you guys ever had to sing a song at karaoke, what would you choose?

Taraka & Nimai:
(The answer was so entertaining that we had to post the audio)

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