Australian dream pop duo VHS Dream’s newest single “So High” feels like a fond yet distant memory, recalling a past that can only be remembered with sweet melancholy. Vast and expansive soundscapes steadily build in intensity over the track’s five-minute duration. The haunting vocals of Matthew and Mayzie drift in and out, delivering a sense of finality and quiet resilience. Hypnotic, delay-drenched guitars float through the air, culminating in a powerful climax that Beach House would be proud of.

Departure marks their first full-length album which was released through Husky Recordings on June 17th. A meditation on loss, these tracks are unified in concept as well as emotion, painting a cathartic portrait of separation that gradually becomes darker as the album progresses. On the lead single “Come Around,” Mayzie reveals an otherworldly melody that grips you and doesn’t let go. There is enough reverb on songs like these to have difficulty discerning where one note ends and the other begins. It’s this kind of ambiguity that makes their debut so delightfully easy to get lost in.

If you liked “SO HIGH”, loose yourself within the video for VHS Dream’s lead single off Departure titled, “Come Around”.

Listen / purchase VHS Dream’s 12-track album, Departure from Bandcamp.

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