With the release of their latest music video for “Bury It”, Chvrches has drawn from their graphic novel dreams an excellent story featuring some stunning animation. Their graphic novel characters come to life with vibrant detail and they’ve invited a friend; Hayley Williams. The four of them seem to be magically manipulating a pile of what appears to be trash or some sort of collection of items buried in the past; slippers, toasters, rackets, old toys, phones. All sorts of things that might be jammed into a closet. The collection of items becomes a free-floating mass which the band then uses (with direction from Williams) to launch themselves into space.

The short film was created by the award-winning artist and writer Jamie McKelvie who has been collaborating on poster designs with the band for several years. The animations were created by Might Nice.

“Ever since Jamie McKelvie began working with us on CHVRCHES poster designs, we have been discussing ways in which we could further our creative relationship. His work on comics such as Phonogram, Young Avengers and most recently The Wicked + The Divine have cemented his reputation as one of the most unique and exciting artists.” – Iain Cook (synthesisers, guitar, bass, vocals) tweet

Fans might be familiar with the song “Bury It” as it exists on the bands 2015 album “Every Open Eye”, but in June this year the song took on an additional special vibe with the release of a remix featuring the energetic vocals of singer Hayley Williams. Williams is known widely for her work with the rock band Paramore and has featured in collaborations with artists such as October Fall, B.o.B. and Eminem and Zedd.

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