It sounds sad and your heart might certainly ache after listening to Ballerina Black, but everything will be okay because this sound might just be what you need.

The band is comprised of three main members; Bobby Moynahan offers vocal melodies that lie in a comfortable zone between sultry, laid-back and passionate; co-founding bassist Esli Sugich provides an important driving throb to the otherwise synth-pop melodies; and Scott Eton ties all together with the keys and guitar.

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Ballerina Black has certainly be classed as post-punk/gloom-pop and while bearing resemblance to many popular British bands of the same genre from previous years such as The Cure, The Smiths, and Joy Division, this Los Angeles group offers something new.

This trio is a marvellous synthesis of different musical elements. First the lyrics are reflective and poetic and brought to the ear primarily though a vocal melody line backed by the instrumentation, the instrumentation is new wave – mixing rock combinations with synth solos and driving bass lines; the song structure is pop, but made subtle through the mixed repetition and the poetics of the lyrics.

There are many critics of loner-ism and and mope-rock, but there is value in being able to connect with an artist on a deep personal and reflective manner. So go for a walk and take Ballerina Black with you. These fellows have created some beautiful music and you will not be alone when you enjoy tracks like “Chiffon” and “Gravity” bringing out certain highlights of your environment and current life circumstances.

And maybe you don’t feel like dancing but you just want to lie in bed. Music for falling asleep; is it a bad thing? That depends on if you wanted to fall asleep or not.

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