London Music Hall, together with Indie Underground and 94.9 CHRW / Radio Western, presents a unique night of R&B.

Laced with Hip-Hop, R&B and Electro, this show will celebrate a stunning collection of innovative and emerging R&B talent from London and Toronto. Saya (Toronto), Luxe (Toronto), R. Flex (London) and Noita (London/Toronto) will provide a Friday night experience, different from what you might normally experience in London Ontario; lights cascading, people dancing, bass-throbbing and the heightened thrill of four energetic live performances from local artists.

The show takes place on Friday, January 20th at the Rosewood Room, 182 Dundas Street, Downtown London ON. The Rosewood Room is a smaller venue opened late 2016 by London Music Hall in conjunction with the Jack Richardson London Music Hall of Fame. The small size of the venue means that it is a more intimate location than most and you will never get the feeling that you are dancing alone. There is also the added plus of watching and meeting the artists up-close. It is not enough to see four separate musical talents in one night, you also witness the live performance in a unique and fitting space.

All four artists invest their melodies in confident and powerful vocals. Additionally, each artist successfully builds an intricate and exciting composition of notes atop a foundation of deep base and rhythm.



(Toronto, ON)
Genre: R&B / Pop / Hip Hop

First, you can expect a confident vocal performance from Saya. This R&B artist is from Toronto, and the music will have you swaying or moving to a collection of sensual rhythms and metaphors. The vocal melodies are accompanied by elaborate rhythms that shimmer up from a diverse background of R&B and electronic music. Her tracks ‘Cherry Bomb’ and ‘Wet Dreams’ are well-known anthems to romantic relationships taking place in night-clubs throughout the city while the latest song ‘No Pressure’ soars on a ecstatic high of deep throbbing base, surreal swooshing and soothing vocals.

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(Toronto, ON)
Genre: R&B / Hip Hop

Second, we have Luxe from Toronto. While his lyrics indicate strong hip-hop roots in Toronto, the synth interlude on ‘U Right/Cheap Thrills’ from the EP “Pipedreams” is one example of an interesting alternative approach. Captivating vocals and lyrics full of anecdotes and metaphor are featured alongside bass-heavy rhythms. Chill dreams are made with such sweet sounds as these.

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R. Flex
R. Flex

R. Flex

(London / Toronto, ON)
Genre: R&B / Electronic

And then there’s R. Flex. I like to say their are two kinds of people in London, those who have and those you have not seen R.Flex perform live. This artist’s voice will have you shook to the core. The “Hologram” EP has met with success but you really need to hear his latest ‘What You Won’t Do For Love’ featuring brass synth and a smooth two-step jazzy sort of rhythm.

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(London, ON)
Genre: R&B / Alternative Pop

Finally, Noita. This artist’s performance at the Rosewood Room arrives in anticipation of the full release of an album early this year. The music may be described as one giant pulsing heartbeat packed full of emotions. The danger of succumbing to emotions while Noita performs is real; however, there is absolutely nothing to fear as the feelings that her music inspires are at once pleasant, pensive and powerful.

Check this out! Indie Underground recently caught up with Noita for an exclusive interview to discuss her upcoming album and more. Be sure to check back with Indie Underground soon for the entire interview.

Listen to Noita’s latest single ‘Over Here’.

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Show Details:
The Rosewood Room – Located in The Jack Richardson London Music Hall of Fame (182 Dundas St, London, ON)
Licensed / All-Ages
Doors: 8PM
Admission: $10, (get advance advance tickets online)

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Brought to you by London Music Hall, Indie Underground & 94.9 CHRW / Radio Western

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