Photo by: Victoria Innocenzi
Photo by: Victoria Innocenzi

With a sound alluding to 60’s Folk-culture, while echoing many notable aspects of current Southern California Rock, Ecstatic Union should quickly make a name for themselves. Ecstatic Union’s sonic explorations are as infectious as their embracing lyricism, rendering to a sincerely unifying sound. On the overall influence of their work, lead singer and guitarist, Rex Costello, confides

Rex Costello (lead vocals/guitar), Oliver Hart (2nd guitar/vocals/organ), and Sol (bass/vocals).

Rex Costello (back), Oliver Hart (left), and Sol (right)

“My art reflects a journey of transformation and so I guess I could say that personal transformation, the full-spectrum experience of life, community, nature, beauty, and art-as-life are what greatly influence our work.” tweet

Ecstatic Union’s self-titled sophomore album is set to release in May of 2017 through Lolipop Records. The album is a bold new venture into their neo-psychedelic nature. The first single off of ‘Ecstatic Union’, ‘Ancient Eyes’, encourages its listeners to experience the world in an unfiltered way. Though the single is focused in its melody, ‘Ancient Eyes’ maintains mystery through wandering riffs and soaring harmonies. These dynamics layer the tune’s simple structure with serpentine psychedelia. On the development of the song, Costello reveals,

“From its inception, this song was primarily constructed around the way the main riff made me feel. It had a kind of ‘magnetic’ sensation to me, like each chord was being pulled into the next. Then the pre-chorus felt like a wave or vortex accumulating energy into its center and then re-dispersing it.” tweet

Listen to Ecstatic Union’s ‘Ancient Eyes’ below!

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