Entrance yourself with this dark but smooth LP by Zachary Gray. Night Hustle is an eclectic fusion of IDM beats with hints of ambient and lo-fi experimental electronic music. Zachary Gray takes us on a journey exploring the dark sides of life. The album’s third track, ‘La Bibliothèque‘ creates this sort of noir atmosphere where you can picture yourself cruising around town, late at night with the city lights glowing.

The second track, ‘Gaspé’ brings a more optimistic sounding and dream pop influenced track that melds perfectly into the LP. Continuing, ‘Old Oak’, the eighth track from Night Hustle, introduces an intriguing guitar element, adding more depth to the soothing melodies present on the rest of the album.

Check out Night Hustle in the stream below.

Zachary is currently making music out of London, Ontario with the label, A Person Disguised As People. Night Hustle is his second solo record, following up his first LP Montréal, I/II wonderfully. Night Hustle was released digitally on November 16, 2016, and is available on Spotify, iTunes, and Bandcamp. Zachary is currently working with booking agency SBVRSV to arrange a mini-tour this spring around Ontario with fellow Ontario electronic artist JFM. Stay tuned for more info on that!

Zachary Gray

Zachary Gray

If you’re looking for more Zachary Gray, then fear not! Zachary has loads of great music released under various pseudonyms and groups projects. For a more electronic/indie pop vibe check out his project, ‘Cinéma Vérité’. If you’re into more electronic/chillwave groove then check out his duo side-project alongside IDM producer Ilkae’ called ‘Washed Hands’. Washed Hands is also set to release a follow-up record to their first LP soon. It looks like Zachary is keeping himself busy which is all the more reason to get psyched.

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