Loveland has been quietly making waves in Halifax, Nova Scotia since their 2013 debut Robert Loveless and the Loveland Band.  Merging well-orchestrated indie pop with the soulful stylings of legends like Curtis Mayfield, the five-piece knows a thing or two about crafting memorable songs that float by like a sailboat on a cool summer’s day.

On ‘Zap Yacht,’ their follow-up single to 2017’s Chill For You (which was aptly released on Valentine’s Day) Loveland continues down a similar musical path, this time turning everything up a notch. The guitars are breezier, the synths are sweeter, and the production is more polished, coming together to create a colorful and wonderfully reminiscent tune that is not shy of its influences. The song is filled with a strong sense of romantic longing, Love’s impassioned falsetto practically beckoning for a lover to come join him amidst the clouds.

Indeed, ‘Zap Yacht’ seems to exist in the sky, each instrument inhabiting its own unique space. The drums are the only element anchoring the song to earth, solidifying a groove that is both magnetic and contagious. If this is a sign of what’s to come for the band, I can’t wait to hear what they do next.

Get wet and watch Loveland’s ‘Zap Yacht’ below.

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