From miles across the pond in London, UK comes The Marbles Jackson; a four-piece band who have created a melting pot of shoegaze, post-rock, and modern neo-psychedelia. This band consists of the incredibly talented and artistic minds of Terry Kirkbride (voice, drums, and guitar), Naoko Takahashi (guitars and voice), Simon Gwynne (keys and guitar) and Mikey Belfast Gibson (bass).

The band’s exceptionally accurate depiction of their sound for those who have never heard their music:

compared to and described as the delicateness of Mazzy Star with The Byrds harmony, backed by the rolling psychedelia of early Verve and the soundscapes of Spacemen 3.” tweet

Their first EP, Murder Mile Sunshine (2012), which is two tracks long (B-sides available on LP) and was released on their own label, is what grabbed the attention from BBC 6Music and BBC Radio 3, making growing online appearances. Their previous releases have been ‘No More Feeling Like/Serenity Prayer’ (2013) and their debut album ‘Notes to the Dust’ (2015)

Each tune that this band creates is so compelling that you don’t just want to keep listening, you need to. The initial random yet recognizable noises you hear in their songs capture your attention, then you’re suddenly engulfed in the amazing melodies and captivating lyrics. Their sound weaves its way into every cell of your brain with velvety vocals amidst ethereal guitar, creating a dreamy shoegaze nostalgia. Each track paints it’s own surreal picture in your mind, putting you in a euphoric daze. Every tune is so different from one another, which is rare to hear from many artists. It’s almost as if each tune is a single because they are individual and refreshingly so.

At last, their new single, ‘Ten Million Suns’, named after the discovery by astrophysicists of the brightest pulsar ever detected, on January 26th of 2017, is my new favorite song and will be yours after you listen and watch their groovy no budget video. Paired with synth keys, echoing harmonies and electric guitar that might have you thinking you’re hearing birds at times; this song makes you feel like you’re floating around space and listening to the sunshine. The Marbles Jackson’s previous single ‘Wish For’ brings a soothing and calming end to your listening experience. This music video looks exactly how it sounds, incorporating reflective, trippy visuals along with black and white figures of the band members.

Music Video:

Audio Only:

Now that you’ve taken a listen and love them as much as I do, you can catch The Marbles Jackson at their upcoming show!

Concert Date:
Wed. March 1 at The Islington – London, UK – Join Facebook Event
Looking for more dates? Make sure you like The Marbles Jackson from their Facebook link below!

The Marbles Jackson are also heard on many shoegaze radio stations such as DKFM out of Toronto, Ontario.

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