Artwork by Moses Monterroza
Artwork by Moses Monterroza

Today, we’re proud to premiere Layla Mora and her stunning debut single, ‘Good Thing’ on Indie Underground!

Layla Mora

Layla Mora

The London, ON based musician’s sharp vocals and alternative R&B / electropop vibe will have you comparing her to BANKS and Ella Mai. Respectfully personal and complex in meaning, ‘Good Thing’ is the perfect song to add to your heartbreak playlist!

‘Good Thing’ (produced by UNBLOOM) is about a love that has moved on to someone else. It’s absolutely painful to see them, and they have no idea you’re feeling that way. Most of us have been in that very position. Mora’s lyrics speak to the broken hearted and takes the listeners to a place that can let them dwell in their thoughts and emotions.

Layla Mora explains about how she approached her emotionally driven track, ‘Good Thing’ below.

“This is a song for anyone who has protected the feelings of others by hurting themselves. I’ve always written about personal situations but this is probably the most honest song I’ve written. It’s both a confession and an apology. It sums up several experiences but there was one in particular that really influenced me. I hope others will be able to listen to it and relate to how I’m feeling.” tweet

Listen to Layla Mora’s single, ‘Good Thing’ below.

The overall essence of the emotional confinement of ‘Good Thing’ is perfectly translated in the track’s cover art by Moses Monterroza. It’s a grey, dark basement, with only a little light shining through from the window. There’s only one solemn chair in the middle. Just like the light shining its way through the window, Mora’s song shines a light on a different take on being heartbroken.

If Layla Mora’s voice sounds familiar, it’s because she was previously featured on UNBLOOM’s song, ‘They’ which premiered last October on Indie Underground. ‘They’ is currently sitting at an impressive 12.8 thousand plays on Soundcloud and continues rack up new listens.

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