LA’s Lo Moon debuts their cinematic 7-minute long single ‘Loveless‘ with a beautiful and impressionistic video courtesy of Brighton-based artist Davy Evans. Lo Moon is a trio made up of Matt Lowell (vocals, guitar, keyboards), Crisanta Baker (guitar, bass, keyboards and backing vocals), and multi-instrumentalist Samuel Stewart, who also happens to be the son of Eurythmics’ Dave Stewart.

The band seemingly emerged from the shadows, but upon closer inspection have been working for quite some time now. It’s really no coincidence they managed to sell out their first show in New York City. ‘Loveless’ is a flawlessly encapsulated idea. From its intimidating track-length to its ambitious compositional elements, this would mark musical suicide for any other act.

Lo Moon succeeds though, taking us on a journey with triumphant crescendos, dazzling guitars, and poignant vocals. Bittersweet lyrics offer a plea to the heartbroken and loveless. “Take my hand/In belief we trace our steps,” Lowell sings in the chorus. An awfully tempting plea might I add.

Lowell’s ghostly singing and trip-hop drums bring Radiohead to mind and they possess similar post-rock sensibilities to bands like Sigur Rós. There is something quite optimistic and redemptive about this track even though it’s title may have you initially thinking otherwise.

On their website is the lyric from Bruce Springsteen’s ‘Backstreets’: “You swore we’d live forever, taking it on them backstreets together.” It really sums up what this trio is all about. Much like The Boss’ music, Lo Moon possesses an uncanny ability to touch the heart.

The worst thing you could do is write Lo Moon off as another one of those apologetic, alternative pop bands. Everything here sounds a bit too artfully executed to be lumped into the same category. I look forward to hearing their debut album, set for release sometime in 2017. Until then, enjoy their brilliant new single and video.

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