Time and time again the individual talents of incredible female vocalists have exemplified the powerful relationship between the human voice and music. Red Rosamond is no exception. With comparisons to Adele and Amy Winehouse, writers and publicists have tried to attract your attention; however, you need to enjoy this debut and discover Rosamond’s unique talent for yourself.

Red Rosamond releases a debut single today – Listen to “Looks Can Kill” here:

As you listen to the music you create the scene in your imagination. The opening guitar notes resonate and waiver for a moment before Rosamond’s voice sweeps them up in the tendrils of her blues vocal scale. The brass section builds and hovers in the background adding to the overall power of the track. The lyrics paints the scene with striking imagery along the lines of “loaded weapons under satin sheets” and “poisoned arrows” presumably from Cupid’s quiver. The chorus develops from the double meaning “if you’re looking for a thrill, don’t you know that looks can kill ” – the danger lies in both the giving of looks and the receiving of looks. The strength of her vocals seems effortless and yet carries with it the honesty and feeling of a singer who has turned soul into song.

Fortunately for everyone, while looks might kill, listening to this beautiful song poses no threat at all. No immediate physical threats, although there may be some danger of losing your heart and soul to these fabulous vocal rhythms and melodies.

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Music was everywhere when I grew up at my family house in downtown Kitchener. My dad is a musician, my mom loves to sing and I have many musical siblings. I moved to London Ontario where I work and am in my last year of English and French at Western University. My musical interests vary and I like to explore with Spotify and Youtube. I don't own a pair of #musicislife sweatpants but I should.