Cover Art by Moses Monterroza
Cover Art by Moses Monterroza

Electronic artist Unbloom premiere’s a new song today entitled ‘They‘. The vocal track features the talent of the new emerging artist Layla Mora.

Both of these artists are based in London Ontario, “The Forest City “. This song comes at a time of the year in Canada when the seasons are in a process of change. Spring is a season in bloom, but now it is autumn and now it is time for Unbloom.

Free your imagination and dive into the pensive beginnings of ‘They’ with a first listen below:

This new piece starts with an anticipatory pulse of a rhythm with some vocal samples before it swoops into Mora’s astounding vocals. From this beginning, Unbloom works to develop a crescendo through the addition of several layers that later explode into a chorus. ‘They’ creates a dynamic wave of emotional confrontation and romantic discomfort. With pounding drums, lush synthesizers, and thick bass (akin to musical contemporaries such as POMO and Mura Masa), Unbloom creates a sonic palette that engages the dance-floor and the cerebral.

Unbloom and Layla Mora met through a mutual friend and the resulting collaboration was an instant musical connection that pushed Unbloom to further develop his creative responsibilities as a producer and songwriter.

“The song itself, in my eyes, is about the negotiation between personal desire and the influence of others over those desires; [Layla Mora] and I wanted to explore this dynamic in the context of romantic trust and possible disillusionment.” tweet

These philosophical undertones in the music appear in other featured tracks from Unbloom in past features on Indie Underground. The stories are often relational – an imaginary dancing couple in the song ‘Hold Our Youth‘, spinning to the soothing lyrical tone and then shifting around to the intricate shakers and claps, a late night walk through a busy streetscape while listening to the synth melody in ‘Alone/Transparent‘, or a consoling vocal monologue and encourage shoulder shake to the self in the mirror with ‘Don’t You Know‘. The lyrics in ‘They’ hold a similar dialogue on the topic of relationship but the collaboration between the two artists does add a unique multi-perspective story. The focused gazing on the jaw-line and the reference to Jekyll Hyde create a tale of past experiences that might cause one to move forward into the future; the question being, do you just let it all go?

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