Galloping Folk Rock Track That’ll Have You Letting Go Of The Reigns To Enjoy The Ride!

Zack Adams is a songwriter and singer living in Brooklyn, NY. He was born in a bathtub Upstate, and raised in North Carolina and Kentucky before going on to college and all that. The music bug caught him early, but only now has he decided to properly release some work. He celebrates is debut release, Forethought EP, a quick four-song set intended to capture some of the frustrations and developments of the beginning of middle adulthood. He is responsible for all music, lyrics, instruments, and production.

“Dead Horse Bay” is named after a bay in New York City that is built on a landfill. The cap broke on the landfill, and now all the old trash from the 1930s (mostly bottles) is spilling out into the sand. The song is meant to use it as a metaphor for memory and trying to forget.

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