Feel that electronic dreamwave / dark ambiance! n//k (pronounced en-kay) from Toronto, Ontario, released their new EP Baby Teeth, just over a week ago. The album name is inspired by multimedia aesthetics with a double entendre of a memento mori baby photo and wisdom teeth, reflecting the tooth-fairy fantasy of the pain of losing teeth in exchange for the excitement of change and willingness to have growth of something new in the place of the old.

n//k has only been making music since this past January but has already created a memorable experience with the fascination of grotesque anatomy mixed with cuteness and femininity. Their personal experience with having many baby teeth that hasn’t fallen out creates the sensation of maintaining youth while having it rot at the same time.

Listen to “be/have” and my personal favourite off this album, “Nesting” featured below:

n//k – “be/have”

n//k – “nesting”

Craving more?
Track 4 titled “Funeral Song” has some daring lyrics that resonates with anxiety surrounding death and the relationship between the body and consciousness.

I didn’t sell my soul I ate it whole
I wasn’t made to live with sinner’s bones tweet

These powerful lyrics demonstrate n//k’s poetic and passionate artistic side. Sharing from personal experience of suffering from chronic pain disorder, you can feel deep emotions and sympathy for the tolerance to pain and for the constant battle of survival in the struggle of aging and illness.

Stream and read more lyrics to n//k’s Baby Teeth EP via bandcamp!

Watch n//k perform live on these following dates:
August 19 – Toronto, Ontario @ Free Times Café
August 29 – Kingston, Ontario @ Musical Chairs

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n//k – “Peaches” and “Whatdoesmean” from ep

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