Artwork/Layout by Dustin Seabrook

Artwork/Layout by Dustin Seabrook

A folk rock multi-instrumentalist out of Guelph, Ontario, Matt Monoogian has continuously written a collection of authentically personal lyrics that reveal exceptionally vulnerable times in his life as well as delving into his dreams for the future. Following his debut album ‘HIDE’ (2015), which completely embodies the folk genre, Matt’s most recent release ‘Waiting’ (2017), takes a bit of a unique twist. The song opens up with synths that intensify into a fusion of an acoustic rhythm guitar along with a mellow drum beat. The poetic lyrics focus on the conceptual difficulties of living in modern times and the toll that the pressures of society take on a person. Matt interprets his new single as:

“Less folk/singer/songwriter and more synth heavy. I am going for more of a band feel. I have been working on a bunch of new tunes that I will be focusing in and around the same genre for a sophomore release”. tweet

The chorus begins with the lyrics “Why won’t they set me free?” and the emotion you are able to hear in his voice, a sort of longing and desire, really resonates and allows the listener to put themselves in his shoes and into a glimpse of their own lives. Escaping from society’s expectations, refusing to conform and confronting hardships are reoccurring messages that I found while listening to Monoogian’s lyrics. Succeeding the chorus, the track diverges into higher pitched guitar chords and weaves its way down into a delicate fingerpicking pattern that softens the melody.

This song was primarily recorded by Matt Monoogian and Thomas Hammerton with help from Simon Larochette at The Sugar Shack in London, Ontario (To read more about The Sugar Shack on Indie Underground, check out the link below!). Artwork/Layout by Dustin Seabrook.

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