It opens like the smooth hum of your favourite record. The Confusions’ faint call pulls you, singing “So many years, since I left you…” Then you close your eyes and fall into a sea of gentle synths and cool ringings that ask you to swim its beats. Polygrim gives us a snapshot of his electronic calm with his latest track Tidal Everything’, off his sophomore EP, Descent.

Polygrim – Tidal Everything ft. The Confusions

Polygrim is the tingling, melodic, electronic project of Ukrainian musician Volodymyr Dzitsiuk started in late 2014. The project is Dziysiuk’s journey of exploring synths and live music to tell stories through emotive melodies and saturated atmospheres. Together, Polygrim gives us a little bit of everything from downtempo to future hip-hop.

Polygrim was previously featured on Indie Underground for his 2015 debut EP Pivot, and our favourite was ‘Minimoon Voyager’. Nearly a year and a half later, he is back with six-track release Descent. There are a lot of floating tones and hovering bass, with fragments of percussion and thick beats.

Polygrim describes his idea behind the EP as a project of learning.

“I am teaching myself to be grateful for every single moment and aware that everyone has their own descent, which makes you drop the unnecessary and keep up with that you truly love.” tweet

Descent is the gentle movements of Polygrim, and “Tidal Everything” is the sweetest addition to the awe-inspiring EP.

You can purchase Descent for your winter playlist here.

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