Charming new single brings an upbeat “Spring-like” feeling (that we’re all craving)!

Indie Underground is proud to exclusively premiere James Wyatt Crosby’s newest single, “Wild Dog” worldwide today (Tuesday, April 5th)!

“Wild Dog” follows up the Toronto-based musician’s debut song “O.T.O.T.W“, (released in July of 2015). Pressing play on the new track below will quickly reinforce that James Wyatt Crosby’s first jangle-pop / lo-fi single was no fluke! Both tracks excel on their own, but “Wild Dog” delivers a tasty new bite that will fuel your body to move and smile as you groove down the street with your headphones on.

Read how songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, James Wyatt Crosby navigated through his journey on creating his smooth new track, “Wild Dog” lower in the article.

“It’s a really interesting experience to get into one song and let it take over your entire life,” says James Wyatt Crosby about his latest single, “Wild Dog”. “I have plans for a proper album or EP release, but with this song I knew that I needed to take an obsessive approach to get it to where I wanted it to be.”

Crosby’s brand of dreamy, indie rock is a bit more polished this time around, which is partially due to his choice to work with producer Mitchell Gomes (Phelyns of Vedici, Intellegenix). “When we started working on this track, Mitchell told me that I had to eat, breathe and sleep this song and I took that way too seriously,” Crosby explains. “I think what he meant was that I needed to practice the music and be able to play and sing it, but I took it as a kind of method acting thing. Like, ‘You gotta be Wild Dog.’”

Crosby goes on to describe how the final version of this song required creating and recreating it several times over. “The first version was this in-your-face instrumental nu-disco song. It was interesting and I really loved that simple little chord progression, but the production was almost soulless; it was missing something essential.”

Crosby went on to make several different demo versions of the song by using his more familiar bedroom recording technique and adding lyrics. “I was going through some pretty strange times personally and I really needed to express that in some way,” he explains. “But at the same time I wanted to make a song that I could listen to while windsurfing.”

The result is a surprisingly smooth and summery tune reminiscent of the more charming elements of 70s soft rock bands like the Doobie Brothers and Looking Glass. “Mitchell and I are big fans of smooth rock and this online series called ‘Yacht Rock’ and we both wanted to try our hand at making a song in that vein.”

Instead of using pre-packaged software synthesizers and MIDI instruments, Crosby and Gomes experimented by using the vast array of hardware in Gomes’ studio. “Mitchell is the only person I know who has more instruments and recording gear than I do,” Crosby says enthusiastically. “It’s nuts. He’s got all these really unique synths and vintage amps that sound great and he takes really good care of everything. MIDI is fun and all, but I think we both really enjoyed getting out of that world and doing it the old-fashioned way.”

Although “Wild Dog” was more painstakingly created than his first single “O.T.O.T.W.”, Crosby sees it as a continuation of the same aesthetic. “I feel like both of these songs are kind of caught somewhere between joy and sadness. I really wanted to make something that was both expressive and fun at the same time, and I’m glad we took the time to get it right.”

James Wyatt Crosby’s “Wild Dog” is available for purchase on April 18, 2016.

Listen to James Wyatt Crosby’s first single via Indie Underground:
James Wyatt Crosby – “O.T.O.T.W”

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