There’s no festival that’s more true to its name than Good Vibes Only Festival THIS WEEKEND in London, ON (Nov 3rd / 4th, 2017)!

Festival Line-up (Nov 3 & 4)

Festival Line-up (Nov 3 & 4)

The 2017 edition of the Good Vibes Only Festival has expanded into a 2-day, 17-band and DJ lovefest with non-stop live music, dancing, live painting, hula-hooping, and variety of vendors which takes place in the heart of downtown at Dundas and Richmond inside Rum Runners (London Music Hall’s 2nd and 3rd floors)!

Some Key Performers:

The incredible, DJ Shub (Formerly of A Tribe Called Red) who has won awards for his newest album and video (see “Indomitable ft. Northern Cree Singers” below), and DJ battles will show Rum Runners some of his serious skills. There’s also the explosive 8-piece funk, jazz, full-out dance party, KC Roberts and The Live Revolution (one click on the video below and you’re body will be movin’). Speaking of movin’ – Ticky Ty and Miz Megs will be bustin’ those tech/house grooves back-to-back as they dance behind the decks and take things to an unfathomable level. The Human Rights high energy conscious new roots reggae music will channel your inner Bob Marley. The massive progressive Hip-Hop / Brass Band / Funk band, My Son The Hurricane (up to 14 members) is a crowd favourite and making waves as they’ve been featured on the CBC, Much More Music as they’ve been performing all over the province. With funk, reggae, tech-house, beatbox, ska, bass… #GVOFest has it all this year! SEE ALL 17 ACTS IN THE PREVIEW BELOW.

Presented by: Good Vibes Only with support from London Music Hall, Indie Underground, N.E.C. Productions, Organic Traveller, Boombox Bakeshop, Allstage, 94.9 CHRW Radio Western, and London Music Office.

Music preview and day-by-day line-up info:

ALSO:  See some of the flow performers, live painters, gallery artists, and painters under the music preview.


DJ Shub – Formerly of A Tribe Called Red (Fort Erie, ON)

Hip Hop / Electronic / Powwow Step
Performs: Saturday – see day-by-day line-ups below

DJ Shub, formerly of A Tribe Called Red (but not a founding member), is a title earning DJ, award-winning music producer, and devoted family man from Six Nations of the Grand River. His PowWowStep EP recently picked up an Indigenous Music Award for Best Instrumental Album and his music video for “Indomitable ft. Northern Cree Singers” picked up a nomination for Best EDM/Dance Video at the 2017 Much Music Video Awards.

DJ Shub counts two DMC Canada DJ Championship titles (2007 and 2008), a DMC Canadian Battle for Supremacy title (2008), a Canadian Red Bull Thre3style title (2012), and a King of the Dot Canada vs. USA DJ battle win along with a trophy from the JUNO Awards as some of his most notable accomplishments.

Samples: Soundcloud | Spotify | Youtube


KC Roberts & the Live Revolution (Toronto)

Performs: Saturday – see day-by-day line-ups below

KC Roberts & The Live Revolution (KCLR) are proud purveyors of beautiful vintage music (funk, jazz, rock), with an artistic obligation to shift all that’s sacredly funky and soulful into the current phase of popular music (hip-hop, house, electronic, Drum n’ Bass). Essentially an original 8-piece funk band, KCLR is well-known for its energized live performances winning the 2007 Toronto Independent Music Award for best live act. writes, “Their live shows are absolutely mind-blowing; the band is something entirely unique and influenced by atypical genres.” Matt Bauer of Exclaim! Magazine writes, “If one needed proof of the vitality and authenticity of new Canadian funk music, they need look no further.”

Samples: Soundcloud | Spotify


The Human Rights (Toronto)

Performs: Friday -see day-by-day line-ups below

The Human Rights (formally Friendlyness and the Human Rights) have spent 6 years honing their unique style of uplifting, ultraheavy, new roots reggae music. The ten piece band has just recruited Toronto soulman Tréson and have re-united under the banner: The Human Rights. Tréson brings a whole new level and dynamic to the band. With his powerful voice, he is the perfect compliment to Friendlyness’ DJ style. After two Canadian tours, CBC recording sessions, opening slots for reggae legends Gregory Isaacs, John Holt and Beres Hammond, and a feature in the new Trailer Park Boys movie, The Human Rights are gearing up to release their new single “Old School Track” and begin taking the world by storm. 

Samples: Spotify | Soundcloud


Ticky Ty (Toronto)

Tech-House / Progressive / Tribal
Performs: Saturday – see day-by-day line-ups below

If positive energy could be heard, you would hear and feel that rhythm radiating from Toronto’s fireball DJ/Producer Ticky Ty. Miss Ty’s signature style and energy has catapulted her into the underground house scene with a blast and no signs of slowing down. Perfecting her craft while broadening her creativity in Japan, Ticky shaped her signature style and overall outlook on the music scene. Ticky Ty incorporates all of the elements and thinks of DJing as a multifaceted art.

Ticky Ty is Indie Underground’s favourite live DJ of all-time – she is a pro who brings so much life to DJing. Combined with Miz Megs and they are unstoppable!

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Samples: SoundcloudTicky Ty at Nuit Blanche Video


Miz Megs (Toronto)

Techno  / House
Performs: Saturday – see day-by-day line-ups below

Miz Megs has been immersed in electronic music since before she started going to raves in 1996 and wanted to learn how to DJ since the beginning. She was passionate and knowledgeable about house music so it only made sense to learn. So in 2003, she bought 2 Technics 1200s and a Pioneer mixer and got her (patient) friends to teach her. The rest is history – she hasn’t stopped since then!

Miz Megs’ sound is a fusion of house and techno. It is evident in her sound that house music has lived in her heart for a very long time as she never lets go of the soul that house music carries. She is known for her flawless mixing, energy, upbeat personality and her way to work a crowd. She has opened and closed for some of the best in the business and can throw down as a headliner in any city.

Samples: Soundcloud | Ticky Ty vs Miz Megs Video


My Son The Hurricane (Toronto)

Hip Hop / Brass / Funk
Performs: Friday – see day-by-day line-ups below

My Son the Hurricane is a 14-piece brasshop funk beast with the mantra: anything worth doing is worth overdoing.  Hailing from Niagara/Toronto, the band mixes New Orleans style grooves with funk, jazz and hiphop.  Driving the show, charismatic frontman Jacob Bergsma “can playfully pluck every nerve in your body with his voice” (Earshot), while the well-oiled rhythm section including 2 trombones, sousaphone, 2 trumpets and 2 saxes creates a spectacle of sound.  With this lineup, My Son the Hurricane “stood out like a sore, yet extremely talented thumb at every show they’ve played” (Pulse Niagara), and became revered for their live show. 

Samples: Spotify | Youtube


Hachey the MouthPEACE (Hamilton)

Beatbox / Hip Hop
Performs: Friday – see day-by-day line-ups below

Hachey, known on stage as Hachey the MouthPEACE, has been voicing the sounds of a percussion ensemble for almost 15 years, ever since he first discovered his odd musical talent as a Grade 10 student at Westdale high school. At the time, he was a drummer, but soon found he could manufacture the sound of a full rhythm section with his voice.

“My buddy played me a CD of a guy beatboxing,” Hachey, 28, says. “It was an audio track and I didn’t believe it at first. I went home and I tried to do it. One day, I made a snare noise. I thought ‘Oh my god, I’m doing it.’ After a month of practice, I figured out how to mimic all the drum noises.”

He started out playing at open microphones, sometimes in unlikely places such as the singer-songwriter nights at the West Town, jamming with musicians like Brian Melo, Tomi Swick, guitarist Brian Griffith and country singer Lori Yates. He graduated to paying gigs as he started creating his own compositions, multiplying his voiced beats through electronic loops, adding lyrics, raps, even some singing.

He’s a 2013 Much Music BeatBox Champion, 2012 Hamilton Music Award Winner, 2012 Hamilton Hip Hop Award Winner.

Samples: Youtube


Sara Dopstar (Toronto / Colombia)

Psytrance / Techno / House
Performs: Saturday – see day-by-day line-ups below

Having come of age in Toronto’s underground rave scene, Colombian selecta Sara Dopstar would take over the decks when her friends needed someone to fill in. As terrifying as it was, these experiences actually helped boost her confidence a lot when thrust into the spotlight.

When it came to djing, the lower deep techno and tech-house BPMs were more accessible to learn. As she started gathering her psychedelic collection later in 2013, she made her outdoor psytrance debut at Manifesting Magic festival in Ottawa, ON. Her progressive take on spiraling beats were well received and therefore booked to play major festivals & nightclubs across Ontario and Quebec, including Canada’s renowned Eclipse electronic music festival, The Guvernment & Circus afterhours.

Well known across for her tasty track selection, her styles make use of deep rolling bass lines and, harmonic melodies with the thrill of the dark side. Starting off nice and smooth, ending up wild and out of control, letting the tunes tell their story.

Samples: Soundcloud


FDJT (London, ON)

EDM / Electronic
Performs: Saturday – see day-by-day line-ups below

FDJT says “I’m just a dude, who loves music and pizza, trying to use one to pay for the other lol.” FDJT has London’s attention and he should have yours. We love his infatuation with electronics and synths. Explore deeper by listening to his Soundcloud page (we did and we were quite happy we did)…

Samples: Soundcloud



Zuffalo (Toronto / Hamilton)

Funk / Rock
Performs: Friday – see day-by-day line-ups below

As you open the door, the energetic wave of psychedelic funkiness hits you like a rainbow going infinity miles an hour. What happens next is an uncontrollable urge to: dance. “Who IS this band?” you ask yourself. “ZUFFALO“, a brand new funk-rock band consisting of members from previous nationwide touring acts, a fellow dancer kindly informs you. 

Samples: Soundcloud


More Fantastic Performers:


The Classy Wrecks (Toronto)

Ska / Rocksteady / Reggae
Performs: Friday – see day-by-day line-ups below

The Classy Wrecks are a Ska Rocksteady band from Toronto, Ontario. The band was formed in 2016 and can be described as an upbeat, fun and poppy dance band. The band has spent the last year touring Ontario playing everything from small towns to large cities.

The Classy Wrecks were quick to release their first EP “Songs for the Extinct” featuring their songs “Too Old to Party” and “Hey Girl” which were played on radio stations internationally. Currently, the band is recording their debut album “Bedrock-Steady” which will be available in the late fall or early winter of 2017. The band was recently signed to Trouble Town Records.

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Samples: Spotify


Gypsy Ghosts (London, ON)

Acoustic Gypsy / Pirate Grooves
Performs: Friday – see day-by-day line-ups below

Like grease on a fire… the Gypsy Ghosts stumbled upon a very unique sound. This combination of players and diverse musical influences created an honest, swampy style of gypsy/pirate rock that people can’t resist. The Gypsy Ghosts, with their unique and high energy show, are suited to play any stage. When you see them play, the Gypsy Ghosts are the epitomy of joy. You can see it in their faces, you can feel it in the air, these guys love life, love each other and they love the music.

Samples: Spotify


Mista Twista (Toronto)

Glitch Hop and Ghetto Funk
Performs: Saturday – see day-by-day line-ups below

With deep heart stopping basslines and trippy melodics this self-taught selector is already making waves with his tight mixing skills and impeccable track selection. taking cues from his rave roots Mista Twista incorporates different styles and genres into his sets seamlessly to get your blood pumpin’ and your feet movin’. So prepare for a journey into the unknown.. Cause when you’re this twisted, they call you Mista.

Samples: Souncloud | Facebook


Siconic (London, ON)

Techno / House
Performs: Saturday – see day-by-day line-ups below

Siconic – a.k.a Liam Thompson – is an electronic music producer and Dj currently living in London Ontario. Realizing where his passion and talent really lies has forced a change in major from English Lit to proper partying. Regardless of the venue, with this Dj at the controls, you can be sure it’s about to get wild!

Samples: Soundcloud


Fun Fact (London, ON)

Funk / Rock
Performs: Saturday – see day-by-day line-ups below

In a large mixing bowl combine one chunk of funk with a pinch of blues, a dash of jazz and a heaping tablespoon of BASS. Whisk in a generous portion of groove and let it marinate in your favorite beverage overnight. Preheat your oven to 420 degrees and stick that sucker in there! Fun Fact is an aural dish best served loud.

Samples: Soundcloud | Youtube


A Pair’s 3 (London, ON)

Singer / Songwriter
Performs: Friday – see day-by-day line-ups below

A Pair’s 3 embarked on their journey as a collaborative entity, making music and performing together in February 2016. However, A Pair’s 3 truly began over 25 years ago in London Ontario, when 2 best friends gave birth to 2 sets of twins. Renée and Noelle, and Hillary and her twin brother Garrett, were born into musical, creative and loving families. Summer vacation and family gatherings almost always involved lively sing-a-longs in 3 part harmony and included various instruments. Their parent’s introduced them to their eclectic musical tastes and inspired their ventures into the creative world of songwriting, regularly playing the part of enthusiastic audience members throughout their childhood and now into their adult lives.


The Universe Featuring Ray (London, ON)

Alternative Rock
Performs: Saturday – see day-by-day line-ups below

The Universe Featuring Ray, is a solo artist named Ray Stern, (former lead of The Peace Leeches) creating alternative/rock music. Based out of London, Ontario, Canada, Ray creates catchy riffs on acoustic guitar, bass, piano, synth and vocals, accompanied with captivating vocals that have often been compared to artists like Ani DiFranco and Rising Appalachia. It’s hard to catergorize or compare The Universe Featuring Ray due to the wide range of vocal and genre styles that Ray captures. Ray’s unique range of musical influences are the product of late nights as a kid in the basement with her father listening to his entire vinyl collection. Her style brews up a hauntingly familiar, yet original sound.

Samples: Youtube



Wait! There’s More:

Flow Performers: Hula Hoop: Kelly Jean (Plur Fairy) • Poi: Ananda Flow

Live Painters: Kyle Haight of KH8

Live Projections: lightsweetcrude

Gallery Artists: Art by Brock Springstead • Art by Meesh (Michel Lafontaine) • Ocelot artworks (Omar De la Serna) • Roberto Pena Mendez • Zai Lee P • Vince Hardwick

Vendors: Hemp Tingz • ᛉMystiqShopᛉ • Lick Your Soul Healing Stone Necklaces



Note: Day One is also known as Day "Onesie". People are encouraged to wear their onesie or Halloween Costume - More info on the Facebook event page - link below.

Note: Day One is also known as Day “Onesie”. People are encouraged to wear their onesie or Halloween Costume – More info on the Facebook event page – link below.

Ensure you don’t miss out! Get your tickets here:

Hard Tickets: 
– Day Passes: $25
– Student 2-day Passes: $35 *
– 2-Day Early Bird Passes: $35 (SOLD OUT)
– 2-Day Passes General Admission: $40


Tickets available at: The Organic Traveller, London Music Hall and Culture Rising.
* Student 2-Day Passes available through campus promoters:
Western: Kyle HeibergerFanshawe: Tosha Bunch

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