Canadian cities are home to many secretive artists, but SECRET SIGN, a synthpop trio from Toronto, is one secret you definitely need to hear. Secret Sign was formed by members Kaila Moon (vocals), Danny Alexander (guitar), and Phil Baljeu (electronics). In June this year, the band announced their return from a small hiatus and the start of a new recording project.

The band released an exciting new single entitled “Chase” off of the  upcoming ‘Night Rituals’ EP due in the fall of 2016. Listen below:

The vocals provide a seductive lullaby quality to the song. Inspired by the more romantic qualities of the lyrics, the baby of this lullaby is only a fellow in need of the courage to express what he desires. Right from the start the synth melody pulls you onto a dance floor swirling with the lights cast from a disco ball. And you just have to keep dancing. The guitar is a subtle but completely necessary compliment to the combined vocals and synth. The syncopated closing sequence of this tracks tugs away at the listeners sense of rhythm.

This new single is definitely something to be excited about. It’s been two years since the electro genius workings of Baljeu combined with Moon’s future-pop vocals and Alexander’s compelling, intertwined guitar to create “Cat+Mouse Demo” which later became a track on the “Secret Sign Demo” in 2015.

True to their aesthetic of mystery and secret signs, you will have to go see them live to learn more about the talent and music this group is capable of creating.

Secret Sign Upcoming Shows:
11 August – @ Burdock, Toronto (event)

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