Shortly after the release of a few acoustic demos by Bay Area outfit Sjowgren, the trio took the world by storm with the gorgeous indie-pop song ‘Seventeen‘, which also made Indie Underground’s Best Songs of 2015. Swiftly becoming a definitive indie summer hit of 2015, the band catapulted into the consciousness of listeners and bloggers alike, none of whom exactly sure where these guys came from. 1.4 million plays on Soundcloud and 13 million plays on Spotify later, the song was an undeniable success.

The mysterious group disappeared afterwards however, only recently re-emerging from the shadows with ‘Now & Then.’ Their new single is a wistful and slow-moving jam, already on its way to becoming another anthem for the young and in love. In the verses, heavenly vocals descend over a sparse mix, bursting to life at the chorus with radiant guitars and drums that march on resiliently.

Still apparently unsigned, Sjowgren doesn’t appear fazed. Their DIY approach allows them the freedom to put out music at their own pace leaving a year and a half between releases. I compare the band’s spontaneity to one’s bouts of free-spiritedness in youth, a suitable analogy for a group that just can’t seem to be contained.

Stream Sjowgren’s ‘Now & Then’ below. 

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