It’s rare you stumble across things that stop and make you think. Through the enormous sea of information we are bombarded with in our busy lives, many of us need a reminder to slow down and breathe. STILL, the post-rock project of guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and producer Dustin Seabrook, will help you with that on his thought-provoking debut single ‘Don’t Move.’

Based out of Guelph, Ontario, Seabrook is a guitarist for the indie-folk bands Minotaurs and Odd Years. STILL was born out of a desire to have a more self-expressive outlet for Seabrook, who has teamed up with Denim Visions, a film initiative out of Woodstock, Ontario, to do the visuals for his music. The two aim at capturing audiences in their videos, using dramatic sounds to accompany the scenes.

‘Don’t Move’ starts out at a crawling pace. Cymbals softly crescendo underneath a soulful, swelling vocal phrase that hangs in the air with an undying sense of deliberation. A circular guitar riff begins, echoing Steve Reich’s Music For 18 Musicians, and everything falls into place, culminating in a touching melody that gently plays until the track fades out.

Powerful, cinematic, and emotionally captivating, the video does a good job of tying it all together, featuring footage from a lively pentecostal church and grainy, amateur clips of a deer in nature. A small piece of dialogue comes at the end of the video as the deer has noticed it is being filmed. “Don’t move… He’s looking right at us now.” A beautiful metaphor for an even more beautiful song, I look forward to seeing where this project goes next.

Watch STILL’s video for their debut single ‘Don’t Move’ 

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