The Bright Road, based in Montréal, have just released a wonderful new music video for their song ‘La Mer’.

Si je vous décris un paysage…

The voice of renown Quebec poet Gilles Vigneault fills the opening stanzas of ‘La Mer’ and calls forth images of Canada’s striking musical and metaphorical landscape. Watch the premiere of the beautifully animated video by Québec native artist, Chloé Poirier-Sauvé:

Montréal based pop-rock outfit The Bright Road returned in 2016 with their sophomore album, Ocean, which was self-produced by the band, co-produced by award-winning producer François Charles Legault and the last album to be recorded at legendary Studio Victor in Montréal. Ocean was also mastered by Ryan Morey, who worked on Arcade Fire’s Funeral.

The collaborative efforts between the artist, poet, and musicians present in ‘Le Mer’ illustrate an exciting and unique celebration of creativity from Quebec. The lyrics are poetry and the visuals are enchanting. Not in that style of grand eloquence; but rather in a style that humbles itself and lets the enchantments of the ocean metaphor seep through phrasing of words, the lines of the pencil and the splashes of blue paint. The multidisciplinary artist Chloé Poirier Sauvé was the same genius behind Patrick Watson’s video for Blackwind. Sauvé’s work is an incredible mix of detail, light and colours that weave together bewildering artworks for the viewer. She has worked with the Museum of Civilization and Cirque du Soleil and has exhibited in galleries around the world.

The Bright Road’s artistic inspiration flows from front-man Philipe Garceau’s story which the band describes as “the kind only often found in fiction”. On their debut album, Norway, Garceau crafted an album full of pleas and self-reflection as a means to cope with the turmoil of a failing relationship. On Ocean, the same muse who inspired the heartache of Norway is now Garceau’s fiancé.

“Having sailed through many obstacles during the creation of this album, the ocean represents the perfect metaphor for the journey we’ve been though. The journey is sometimes clear and peaceful, sometimes troubled and powerful. The vibe of the ocean resonates through the sound of the album.” – Philipe Garceau tweet

A choral melody sets in; a breeze sweeping across teal waters to lift the wings of a solitary gull. This choral breeze follows the poetic reading of Vigneault and shy tones of the introductory piano notes. The sound of a boat’s motor chugs into the background of the track, not to disturb, but to add to the overall landscape of ‘La Mer’.

Find the whole of Ocean on the group’s bandcamp and listen to more ambient/folk tracks from The Bright Road. Tracks with soothing rhythms and rich timbre, like ‘Far Away’ and ‘As it Should’, give your mind something beautiful on which you can think and fill your dreams.

The Bright Road on the road in North-East America:
(All shows below are Fake Chapter Records 20th Anniversary shows)

Nov. 11 – Brooklyn, NY / Littlefield
Nov. 12 – New Haven, CT / Anna Liffey’s
Nov. 13 – Cambridge, MA / Middle East Upstairs
Nov. 14 – Rockport, MA / StudioCrepe
Nov. 15 – Burlington, VT / Light Club Lamp Shop
Nov. 16 – Syracuse, NY / The Vault
Nov. 17 – Sherbrooke, QC / La Petite Boite Noire
Nov. 18 – Québec, QC / District St-Joseph
Nov. 19 – Montreal, QC / O Patro Vys
Nov. 20 – Québec, QC / District Saint-Joseph

Buy Tickets from their website.

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