Emerging with nostalgic 80’s post-punk roots, this Toronto duo mesmerizes your inner gothic spirit filled with chills by pulsating reverbs and distinctive deep synths. TRAITRS is formed by two long-time friends, Sean-Patrick Nolan and Shawn Tucker. Together, they worked with Josh Korody, a talented Toronto producer to carry enduring and catchy dark synthwaves in their EP debut album, Rites and Rituals.

Heard within the seven attractive and distinctive tracks, you can sense the deep working craft that went into the progressive development of the broody theme underlying this album.

To add more of the surreal to an already remarkable sound, Tucker experienced a serious rib injury while they were working on songwriting. You can sense the black magic that inspired and took on full effect in their songs with their fascination in somber influences, much like the Netflix thriller series, ‘Stranger Things’. “Youth Cults” deeply engages with feelings of isolation and hopelessness.

While bed-ridden and heavily sedated, what’s better than to indulge in bizarre and occult-themed horror films to stimulate your boredom? The progressive nature of intimacy and self-reflection through a series of dark, enchanting tones goes to show the burning desire to move forward in the light that never goes out.

Part of the perks of being a wallflower is the chance to embrace the mind and body trapped in solitude and to fully connect with the avant-garde aesthetic. From the madness of sedation, comes the trials and tribulations of testing your wits. By experimenting with such unwelcoming limitations, TRAITRS adds colourful storytelling to their black and white imagery by romanticizing as a writer, who is completely caught off guard to find meaning in an inventive light.

Though subtle to hard rock, don’t be deceived. Dropping “Witch Trials”, as their first release, it is heavily driven by echoing layers of angry punk riffs to a strikingly energizing beat. You can relive modern significance of Joy Division, dancing along the beautifully crafted textures of this song.

Fleshing out the brassy rock rhythms, the lyrics grips onto ghostly surroundings and passions for the extraordinary in the seductive intoxication of gothic rituals.

TRAITRS boldly experiments with intensive themes of psychological thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of human nature that often go unexplored.

Tour Dates:
Sep 14 @ Foam Doam, London, Ontario
Sep 17 @ The Silver Dollar Room, Toronto, Ontario 
Sep 18 @ Pressed, Ottawa, Ontario

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