Twist was founded by Laura Hermiston (BB Guns) and Brian Borcherdt (Holy F**K) and is very accurately named because of their variation combinations of musical talent in their live act. Twist began touring as a two guitar and drum machine show. Early attention from a series of singles and lots of praise from the media in late 2014 encouraged them to transition their live show, to beyond duo. Hermiston and Borcherdt began adding big names to their live band, including Crocodiles’ Charles Rowell and Jenny Vee (who worked with Lana Del Rey and Courtney Love).

Twist’s new album Spectral comes out August 26 on Buzz Records. The album, which Borcherdt helped produce, highlights these collaborations, in a diverse, but cohesive way. One track on the LP even features Hermiston’s father on bass. Their new track titled “Can’t Wait” will have you on the beach before the first chorus. Twist captures the perfect mix between catchy and interesting with their music.

Borcherdt was drawn to Hermiston because of her songwriting and while producing the project took a very relaxed approach, which is reflected in the laid-back tune “Can’t Wait”. The new LP Spectral highlights Hermiston’s growth and experiences over the 18 month recording period. She says the LP “encapsulates what it’s like to be young and experience growing pains. I matured a lot over the course of making this album, and I can hear that reflected in my voice when I compare the oldest to the newest track. I feel like I became more aware of what I should be doing with my life and with Twist as the project grew from just me with help from Brian, to having a full band and bringing various collaborators on board, and that’s, in part, why I decided to call the album Spectral — it presents a spectrum of personal and musical experience.”

You can follow her growth throughout Spectral on August 26 when the album comes out. You can preorder it through Buzz Records. You can also catch the revolving door of musical talent that is Twist’s live show on the road this summer.

Twist’s upcoming tour dates:
August 18 – Ottawa, Ontario @ Arboretum Festival w/ Dilly Dally
August 20 – Brooklyn, NY @ Shea Stadium
August 21 – NYC, NY @ Mercury Lounge
August 24 – Cincinnati, OH @ NSYC
September 8 – Calgary, Alberta @ Broken City
September 12 – Chicago, IL @ Subterranean
With more shows to be announced soon!

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