If the new album from the Montreal-based group We Are Wolves is WRONG, then wrong has never been this right. Left to your own devices you might never seize an opportunity to press the play button on this wild collection of tracks. But this group’s syncopation and electronic blend adds an irresistible, new, and fun twist to punk music that must not be missed.

What makes this album so right might be the steady clapping that threads its way through the track-list causing a lifting and swinging of the arms that might strike any casual observer as an activity worthy of a self-indulgent music fan.

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Or it could be the epic simplicity of ‘Inconsiderate’, with an opening bass and drum line that evolves into a full out high energy track continuing into the more synth-infused ‘Cynical’.

Contrary to this song title, these tracks could make you feel quite the opposite from cynical. The group has penned some lyrics that really make the mind stop and think all the while letting the body take control.

Recorded in New York, France and Montreal, WRONG sees the trio – bassist and vocalist Alexander Ortiz, keyboardist Vincent Levesque and percussionist Pierre-Luc Bégin – show off their daring and experimentation all the while maintaining the bite that has always defined their sound.

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The entire album in this sense might just be one giant ‘Wicked Game’. The track of this title, complete with guitar ear candy and a groovy beat, picks the listener up and slams him down in the pause between the verse and the chorus. And then we slow right down into ‘Broken Arrow’, a track with a mournful and hypnotic reverberating vocal melody that gives way to a relentless drum beat and repeating synth triad that slowly fades away into the sound of falling rain. You can join in the well wishing towards all the scoundrels in ‘Au revoir les crapules’. Swing back and forth all the while jamming your fingers over the electric guitar during ‘Hands Around my Neck’. The music is certainly participatory, but the vocals that follow the panning drums in ‘Wrong’ will remind you of the personal touch of the group. The lyrics can strike you as honest and even personal and yet you can still relate.

We Are Wolves (Vincent Levesque / Alexander Ortiz / Pierre-Luc Bégin)

We Are Wolves (Vincent Levesque / Alexander Ortiz / Pierre-Luc Bégin)

We Are Wolves provides a multi-layered and tempo diverse listening experience that is extremely pleasurable. This is a vocal, guitar, synth, and percussion blend that marks a new direction in post-punk music. They started out playing in artist lofts and the small Montreal venues and since then We Are Wolves have honed their electro-art-punk all across Canada and the USA, in Asia and in Europe. You might have seen them share the stage with such renowned artists as Muse, Bloc Party, Indochine, Gossip and Gorillaz. WRONG, from the Montreal label Fantôme Records, is a loud and clear release that follows four previously unforgettable albums. This progressive Canadian child of Pink Floyd and The Vaccines represents a growing desire among artist to take wild delight in any and all musical expressions.

Make these lads your chosen ones for this New Year’s celebrations. Why? Because they are playing a vampire disco themed show at Montreal’s club l’Escogriffe Bar Spectacle.

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