Hailing from London, Ontario, husband & wife duo Wormwood paint a nihilistic landscape on their latest LP “O,” pushing the boundaries of IDM while continuing to hone their craft. Dissonant sounds and factory-like noises work to create dense, textured mixes that feel like they belong on another planet. The duo’s use of field recordings and audio manipulation techniques is nothing short of masterful, making one listen through not enough to pick up on all of the details. On “Ourburrow // fall out the other side,” a warped melody plays atop jittery synths and organic percussion, only to be swept away by arguably one of the darkest, most evocative parts of the album.

“O” sounds like a film score made for a lonely robot living in an industrial wasteland. Diverging considerably from their debut, Christina’s voice is no longer present in the same way it was before. The instrumentation speaks for itself this time and is very successful in doing so. There has been a recent revitalization in the IDM genre thanks to artists such as Arca and I think it will be exciting to see where Wormwood goes next. Don’t miss Christina and Andrew perform alongside Kroy at the Aeolian Hall on October 28.

KROY with Wormwood:
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Venue: Aeolian Hall
Address: 795 Dundas St, London
Time: 7 pm (Doors Open) 8 pm (Start Time)
Price: $17 Advance / $20 Door / $15 Student

Watch Wormwood’s video for “Phase” off their new LP

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