Twin Rains - Photo by Taylor Smits
Twin Rains - Photo by Taylor Smits

The train doors are closing to a vibrant jingle and you have a moment. Standing there watching the person you care for – about to take off. Time is a body submerged in water, limbs reaching out, pressure mounting. Time slows down to a definite moment.

My first thoughts after hearing the Twin Rains newest single, ‘Flash Burn’ off their debut album, ‘Automatic Hand’ – what will the band have you feeling after listening to this new glittery single?

‘Flash Burn’ is an example of how Twin Rains creates a confident blend of electronic instrumentation, aesthetic rhythms and airy vocals. The attention to detail is astounding; delicious electric guitar flourishes, cyclical synth loops and off beats.

This debut album from the producing/composing team of Christine Stoesser and Jay Marrow is sure to expose ears and minds to an experience of experimental synth and vocal based melodies.

‘Automatic Hand’ was recorded and produced over the course of two years. All this was completed in the duo’s home studio and DIY studios around Vancouver just before they faced a reno-viction and decided to relocate back to Toronto before the launch of the album in November 2016.

The exciting Twin Rains connection to the city of Toronto occurs through the duo’s friends and tour mates Secret Sign (who were just announced to play Grickle Grass Festival in May). Specifically, the song ‘Pons’ received an industrial remix by Secret Sign. The title ‘Pons’ refers to the part of the brain responsible for REM sleep. This reference implicates the song with ideas of sleep paralysis and dreaming – an idea that is picked up and repeated throughout the album.

Twin Rains LP, 'Automatic Hand'

Twin Rains LP, ‘Automatic Hand’

Listening to Twin Rains provides endless hours of creative inspiration and these artists have worked hard to express ideas, experiences and thoughts through their creative work. Tracks like ‘Ghost Bird’ will bear your mind away on imaginary wings. With lyrical themes of concerns and warnings – ‘Automatic Hand’ will address your desires and walk with you as you mentally process the presence of someone important in your life.

These few tracks are personal selections from an entire album packed with portals into universes of thought and contemplation. Stream the album below, or buy online at Bandcamp or Itunes

Twin Rains is working on a music video and recently put out a new song, ‘People Not Ready’, on their publisher’s charity compilation album. The compilation is subscription-only and all proceeds go to an organization dedicating to providing legal services and resources to victims of discrimination and hate crimes – the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

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