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UPDATED: April 11th, 2016

Indie Underground gets hundreds upon hundreds of submissions every week. Many submissions find their way to our website because the person who has submitted has done their homework and understands what kind of music we post. However, there are many other submissions that come in where the person submitting isn’t aware of the type of music that we post. Or the submissions that people send in are clearly generic and cut and pasted from blog to blog without any former history or experience with Indie Underground, (which normally ends up wasting our time, and yours). So with that information, the music submission process is changing – please see below for helpful information to assist with your submission.

Submissions we look for:

Answer: Substance, creative, melody-focused. Soundcloud and Bandcamp links with live performance videos (not typical music videos) We appreciate bands who already have their music on Spotify (but they shouldn’t be your main submission link). Genres we like: alternative electronic, rock, pop, punk, funk, experimental, disco, folk, pop, R&B and their sub/combined genres.

Submissions we don’t commonly look for:

Answer: Arena-pop / rock, power-pop, screamo, metal, EDM, (swear-heavy) rap, top-40, over-produced music. Zip or compressed files, ReverbNation links (no really, you’re wasting your time by submitting a ReverbNation link).

 Weekly 1-Hour Timeframes for Music Submissions:

To qualify to have your music submission considered for Indie Underground, you must submit your music within either one of the two, 1-hour weekly timeframes listed below. Any submissions sent before or after the submission timeframes below, will not be considered.

  • Sundays between 9pm – 10pm EST *
  • Wednesdays between 4:00pm – 5:00pm EST *
    * Eastern Time Zone (ex. Toronto UTC-05:00)

Important Notes:

  • Indie Underground LOVES Exclusive Music Premieres!
  • If your music is posted, it will be included in Indie Underground’s Monthly Spotify Playlist (if your music is on Spotify).
  • Please don’t take offence if Indie Underground does not publish your music or respond to your submission.
  • We listen to 100% of submissions that qualify from the 1-hour timeframes listed above.
  • Please do not follow-up or resubmit. We will contact you if your music is chosen for Indie Underground.

Good Luck!

Submission Form:

Soundcloud & Bandcamp links recommended.


Maximum size 10MB

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